Baba’s Sea Hare

Identify the photos below: One is a tang, two are called Baba’s Sea Hare (zoom in on them), two are the same Long Fin Damselfish (juvenile), and a baby squirrelfish.

It was a busy weekend cleaning up after hurricane Beryl. I spent Saturday cleaning the front yard, lots of chainsaw action and hauling away branches. Sunday morning was diving, afternoon was cleanup the back yard. Which involved mostly picking up little branches and sticks and poinciana seeds.

Now its back to work Monday. One week from today, I have cateract surgery. (Gulp!)

One thought on “Baba’s Sea Hare

  1. bonita had cataract surgery last month and is so happy so did!
    She’s always had horrid vision for example her exam prescription is something like -7.5!
    now they replaced her eye lens and she has better vision without glasses or contact in that eye, than the other eye still wearing a contact lens!
    She’s getting the other eye done next month.

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