Back at the grind

It’s Monday, I’m at work, I had forgotten my keys (I didn’t need them to ride my bike) and when I got here I was locked out. So I called the OI Girl and she brought them. But I had already picked the lock on my door.

Today it is cloudy, with high clouds like it won’t rain. Remember in school, when it was all cloudy and it seemed weird because when you got to school because the classroom lights were on and it seemed dark outside? That’s the kind of day it is today.
I had a great weekend, I went to the beach both days and got some serious rays, I went diving yesterday and didn’t want to come up. I could have stayed down there all day.

Here’s some pics from yesterday:

The OI Girl and Tarpon, the tarpon are about 3 or 4 feet long 

Red Rope Sponge 

Cayman Catboat

0 thoughts on “Back at the grind

  1. Great pics…but, back to the picking locks thing…what?! Is the lock that bad or are you that good? Either way…that’s scary.