Back From The Beach

Today is our last day in Costa Rica, 24 hours and we’ll be at the airport, waiting to head home. This trip went suddenly from: “We just got here” to: “It’s almost time to leave”, with nothing in between. I’m already looking forward to the next visit.

Yesterday we got back from the beach, near Ario, on the Pacific. It is a fantastic place. Below are a few pictures:


My Shell Collection.

The Beach

Reflection On A Wet Beach

The Wifes Parents, The Wife, and me.

4 thoughts on “Back From The Beach

  1. So, why are you living on the Caymans?? LOVE that little bar hut. I would live in it. Are you sure you collected enough shells? 🙂 Costa Rica sure looks like a beautiful place!! Did I ask why are you not living there? 🙂

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