Back From The Brac

The devastation on the Brac was pretty complete, but there’s someone working practically on every roof, they put up new light poles on it seems like the whole north side of the island. Everyone’s working in the year, cleaning up. Nobody is defeated.

Brac Reef will be gutted and rebuilt, keeping it the same, but newer.

The Brac will be better than before in the long run

It is a lot more efficient having 50,ooo people on Grand Cayman helping 2000 people on the Brac , instead of 50, 000 needing to be helped by 2000.

0 thoughts on “Back From The Brac

  1. You make an excellent point, Mark. Caymanians have such a giving and helpful spirit, that in times like these you know no one is lacking for any help. It’s great to see everyone pulling together. My thoughts go out to those that have lost their homes completely on the Brac. I saw this older couple on the news who lost everything, and I was so heartbroken for them.