Back in the swing

I’m back home, Yesterday I went to work from the airport, came home during the split shift and unpacked. Ths morning I felt disorientated. I had a hard time waking up. I wanted to go for a morning swim but I couldn’t find my goggles so I just took a shower and walked the dawg. Thank God for cold water!
Yesterday I “obtained” (bought used from a friend) an XM Receiver. I subscribed and it seems pretty cool.

Here’s some pics from this week. Click to enlarge!
Close up of brain coral. Makes a great wallpaper
ish swimming in a circle just like on TV.
Turning around to take off from Little Cayman, This is the runway!
The Barge” that goes to Little Cayman and Cayman Brac once or twice a week.
Shipwrecked, don’t let this happen to your ship. (see the snorkelers?)

0 thoughts on “Back in the swing

  1. Welcome home Mark. You’ve taken some great photos! The shipwreck photo is fascinating, a great arial shot!

  2. You were disoriented from the jet lag of flying from one tropical paradise to another!Nice photos. Are the snorkelers those white blobs just over the starboard side?

  3. That brain coral is very groovy!! Oh, the shipwreck!! That would be where I want to snorkel! Was that ship put there or did it shipwreck itself unintentionally?

  4. Yes, the snorkelers are the little things swimming over the right side of the ship. Actually, I think there’s four. Blogger shrunk the pic a little.No it’s not an “on purpose” wreck. I think it broke loose from its moorings in some weather and was driven aground by waves, but I’d have to find out.