Back to work.

I’m back to work today. It will undoubtedly be a very busy one. I have to go check the transmitters, although we’ve been back on the air, I still have to check and see what’s going on/went on.
I imagine the high pooint of the day will be giving my co-worker her new computer. It is so nice I’m jealous. It was $999 and it has the 1.86 GHz duo core processor, and a multilayer DVD burner. (I think multilayer is what it is called, without getting up to go look.)
Here it is all cloudy and rainy. I guess from Tropical Storm Chris. I don’t want anything from Chris.
I need some beach time and diving time to get back into the groove I’m used to be in. I feel like an outsider a little. I have to go back to work and get my feet back on the ground, and just generally re-figure out how things are. I don’t have a word for how I feel right now. I do know I’ll be on more familiar terriroty tonight, whether it’s better or worse!
And I have to find out where the heck my land documentation is and where are my schoolbooks too!

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  1. Welcome home! So sorry to hear about your loss. Hope the sun comes out for ya ’cause when the sun is shining i know it always puts a smle on my face : )