Backed up on projects.

I have many projects around the house. 1. Fix the roof for painting. 2. Build greenhouse for wife. (Screen house really, just to keep chickens out of the garden) 3. Downstairs closet. I’ve been grappling with how it can be done well and the way I want, and I think I finally got it sorted. 4. Anti drip moulding, so rain doesn’t run down the side of the house. 5. Get house painted. Quotes are $8000. What a load of hooie. 

Big jobs all.

2 thoughts on “Backed up on projects.

  1. We had to paint our Auckland home for selling, and were told it would cost ‘around’ $12,000.
    We bought two buckets of paint for $360, and painted it ourselves. It took me 2 weeks, with the guys doing the really high places in a weekend. We had to buy a LONG ladder too… cos about $300. So all up? $660.
    How the hell can anyone justify charging $12,000!!!!!!
    So, I say do it yourself and save a shit load of money!

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