After reading this, you are going to know even more what kind of a geeky freekaziod I am. I usually carry a backpack. I have a computer backpack that I take to work and when I travel, it has my laptop and all my cables and chargers and electronic junk in it. I have a backpack that I take back in the woods, it has toilet paper, a compass, gloves, a small towell for wiping the sweat off, plastic bags and a first aid kid. Also it had two waterbottle pockets. I have a backpack I take to the beach, it has suntan lotion, my book I’m reading, a drawing book and a pencil and a welders lens so I can look for sunspots (you can see them, but don’t look, without adequate protection). Newest is my astronomy backpack. It is my old computer backpack. It has my binoculars, my Nortons Star Atlas and other books, my green laser pointer and a pen and paper.
Addittionaly, I have a car full of miscellaneous beach and diving junk.

I didn’t go out and buy a whole bunch of backpacks all at once, they just started accumulating. So I started using them. But the reason I’m writing this is because I need another one. I need a bag at work with mask, fins, snorkel and towel in it. Normally, I drive somewhere for lunch, and swim or go to the beach. If I had a bag of snorkel stuff at work, I could just walk to where the cruise shippers go snorkeling. I’d catch rays, get exercise, save gas and I’d not loose my parking spot at work. The cruise shippers go to a place called Eden Rock, which isn’t really that bad, considering it’s lunchtime. I still have an unused backpack in my closet, I took it empty to Costa Rica with me, and put junk in it for the day. It ought to be pretty good for what I want it for, but I’m feeling a little bit nutso about it…
Also yesterday I bought a scale and I weigh, 196.4 lbs this morning.

Also, yesterday I went back and took more pics of that little fish with the blue. I got a better shot, showing the blue fins on the bottom. Here it is:

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  1. If I lived alone, I’d be just as geekily freakazoid as you are. But I live with two other people who tend to call me on my geeky tendencies. I think your backpack collection sounds like a fabulous plan.

  2. You’re not a geek. You are just extremely well-prepared and the kind of person that I would like to go anywhere with!

  3. You take some really cool pictures. I think it would be cool to have a underwater camera, that’s if I would ever go diving.

  4. Pretty cool fish, thanks for sharing…now having said that.AZ!!! I FOUND SOMEONE WHO JUST MAY BE MORE ORGANIZED THAN YOU!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS CRAZY STUFF???I mean that in a good way! 🙂

  5. Personally I like the multiple backpack idea. Sounds useful… I need more backpacks to pull it off though, right now I just unpack and repack my one multi-tasking pack. The blue text on that post between the red and orange seems to fall back three dimensionally. Dunno what it is… can anyone else see that?

  6. Backpacks are the bomb! When I travel, I always take one. At least you aren’t carrying a “man purse.” Then you would be….kinda gay.