Bad news and good news and bad news

The bad news is they cleared the wooded vacant lot next to our house. Trees were just getting tall enough to block the street lights from far away. I feel like we lost our privacy in our house.


Good news is The Wife bought a new hat.


The Bad news is she didn’t get one for me. 🙁
The good news is she said I can borrow hers! 🙂


Tomorrow’s Friday already!
Tomorrow the exterminators coming and I’m going into work late.

Have a goooooood day!

8 thoughts on “Bad news and good news and bad news

  1. Ah, ha! A Viking! 😉 I married one of those. We had his horns removed, though, when he moved to the States.

    (Seriously, the Vikings didn’t have horns. Those were added by someone trying to write an interesting story way back when.)

  2. Dude! The hat looks way better on your wife.
    Sad about losing your privacy. What is going to happen to the vacant lot now? A home built there?

  3. Well, I gotta tell ya, Mark. Your wife looks awful cute in the hat. You look like a Viking. But, ain’t she sweet for lending her new hat to you!

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