Beach Cave

I ended up working yesterday, not for long, but long enough to miss the dive. So I went to a secret beach of mine.
There’s a cave there and it’s really nice. It’d be nicer if people didn’t litter, but all in all it’s a very nice cave. Someone left a beach lounger there and I wonder if it came from the public beach wayyyyy far away.
The entrance/exit, from the inside

The beach lounger inside, looks long unused. Notice the green line of algae? I think the sand used to be that deep.

The roots of a tree, underground

Heres a video

0 thoughts on “Beach Cave

  1. I have to say too, the chair is odd… It’s not really like it floated there and it’s not one that you would really tote around…Thanks for sharing your secret beach! The video was really great!

  2. Very cool! Thanks for the video! Those tree roots are fabulous! Do you have a black and white setting on your camera or on your computer to change it to B&W?? That’d be a cool effect.