Bizarre Dream

I had a super bizarre dream last night. An airline was making two planeloads of people disappear.

I flew. I landed. I received 150 towels with black and white stripes. Because of this, for some reason, nobody else could get off the (2) plane(s).

The baggage had already been unloaded and was going around the carousel, so people knew their friends and families flights arrived, but the airline was struggling to collect all the baggage and put it in little bags marked “Evidence”.

The airline had no intention of ever letting anyone from either of the two flights go. Never-ever. Their plan was to deny that the flights even existed.

The only reason I wasn’t among those passengers was because of the towels, which weren’t mine, given to me by some mistake and I had to prove the two flights existed and the people were being held.

Why two flights and not just mine, I don’t know.

For some reason, the towels were the reason the airlines had to erase.the existence of the two flights, and it couldn’t be un-did.

Freeeky Deeeky.

Here it’s raining. Again. More. Still.

One thought on “Bizarre Dream

  1. You’re dreaming about the two 737’s that went down now that the news is talking about them coming back into service.

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