Bizarrest of Dreams

My long dream last night revolved around thiose little plastic flags, with the 3 inch by 3 inch solid color plastic flag and a wire flagpole.

Started off in Alaske I think. There was a path in the woods and there was a piece of brown styrofoam with about 20 of thise flags stuck in it. There you left the path, and went back into the woods where you came to an old abandoned high school or shopping mall.

I saw pictures on the wall of graduates with the square hats with tassles on them. There was a big yellow circle on the top of each hat, I think there was a 32 printed in the circle. I saw rows of the same has on the top shelf of a closet in the “school”.

I went in the “Board Room” and the vending machines came alive and started yelling at me in very strange angry voices. One of the vending machines grabbed my leg and I pulled it out into the hall. As the machine left the board room, it melted or disentegrated or something. All the other machines yelled at me that I killed “Louie” or whatever his name was.

There’s tons more that I can’t remember. My brother-in-law was in the dream, he wanted me to bring him one of the little flags. There were people with me all the time. I think I went to the school twice, the second time to get a flag…

That’s about all I remember..

Super weird dream…

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