Blogger VS Facebook


It seems a lot of Bloggers are neglecting their blog because of Facebook. (I’ve been neglecting my blog because of work, just FYI) But I have come to the opinion that Facebook can’t be beat for finding old friends, However, Blogger is better for meeting new people. You find an active blog, visit it regularly and comment, pretty soon they are commenting on your blog. Pretty soon you know what is going on in each others lives. Pretty soon one of them goes to visit the other. I’ve had several bloggers visit me, and visited others. But no Facebookers. Facebook you don’t allow them onto your friends list if you don’t know them.

Blogger RULES!

0 thoughts on “Blogger VS Facebook

  1. I totally agree! Too many bloggers have gone to the dark side (FB)… and hey! I might even come visit your beautiful islands one day!

  2. You know, I have both and they're great but really do various jobs and are more like apple and oranges; too different critters altogether.There are things you can't do on both.