Blood Pressure Poser

I’ve been taking blood pressure medicine for many years. First it was Lisinopril, which I never thought worked too well. Then, in April, I switched to candesartin plus, and it was working beautifully. My BP was good from April thru November.

in December, I went to the eye doctor, and it was high. After several consistently high readings, I went to the doctor who basically doubled my dosage. (And took other tests) The double dosage had zero effect on my BP. None.

So now I’m getting more tests, and my medicine has been changed to telmisartin and amlodipine.

But the doc and I agree, the high BP is a symptom of another problem, and we need to figure out what it is.

I feel fine, and I think it’s fortunate that I’m even aware of the problem. I just want to get it behind me.

Have a great day!

2 thoughts on “Blood Pressure Poser

    • After reading about it on the internet, it sounded like what they give people after open heart surgery. Glad I’m not taking it alone.

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