Never Enough REM

My watch has been monitoring my sleep for a long time, somebody else had to take a look to point it out to me, I barely have any REM sleep.

in today’s it says not enough REM, but I never really noticed it until somebody told me about it. But I get some good deep sleep, huh?

my RMV is in the pits too, but nobody knows what that means.

Now I have to research REM sleep

Happy Wednesday!

Health Check

Yesterday work gave us a health screening Cholesterol, blood sugar, blood sugar and BMI. Plus whatever else you see on the card below.

I guess I did pretty good. My blood pressure was good, usually it’s high. I had my high blood pressure speech all prepared and didn’t need it!

Nice to know info!

Today is the second cloudy day in a row. Pray for rain!

Happy Humpday!


My watch measures my HRV, Heart Variability Rate. It’s the difference between consecutive heartbeats in microseconds.

I don’t understand it. Higher is better. Why? An out of shape individual whose heart rate doubles when he gets up to go get another doughnut will have a higher difference in his pulse than an athlete whose pulse barely increases.

Mine is in the 60’s. Looking at the above graph, that’s equivalent to a 22 or 24 year old. And 60’s is high, which is good according to all that I read.

But what about the unbalanced part? In the second picture, see the grey zone? Outside of that is unbalanced. See how it adjusted, bringing the grey up higher? No article I’ve read addresses balanced or unbalanced HRV. Search, and the link will take you to articles, but those articles don’t mention balanced or unbalanced. Including Garmin, the maker of my watch and the app that gives the data.


Either I’m in great shape physically, or I’m going to explode any second….

Have a great weekend!

Sick Day

yesterday almost as soon as I got to work, I started coughing and sneezing in my head got all stuffed up. Today I’m taking a sick day because I seem to have a very bad head cold.

I lay down and feel I should be at work, I get up and feel like I should lay down..




I don’t have a good understanding of HRV. I know it’s the variation in time between one heartbeat and the next. But I don’t understand the balanced / unbalanced versus the “higher score is better” general rule described in many tutorials. Mine remains quite low, I think.


in the images above, the unbalanced portion roughly coincided with my visit to the USA for my high school reunion. Other than that there has been no significant difference in my daily activities or diet that I am aware of to cause this variation.

According to the tutorials, a higher HRV number is better. What does that mean? That there is more variation between hard beats? Why is that better? What does the balanced / unbalanced mean?

I’ve studied it, and it doesn’t make sense to me. Maybe you can explain it to me, in a way that a child could understand it.

Thanks, and, Have a great day!

Broken Toe

Yesterday I dropped a stainless steel water bottle on my left next-to-smallest toe. Hurts like hell and I’m sure it’s broken.

.I’ve had broken toes before and all you can do is tape them together and wait.


Hope I can swim and exercise!

Morning Toothbrushing

Morning toothbrushing, when do you do it? It seems hard for me to find the correct time, logically. Do I do it when I first wake up? I just brushed my teeth before bed, I haven’t eaten or drank anything since I brushed my teeth. I’m ready to go eat breakfast and drink coffee.

Do I do it before I leave for work? Halfway through my first cup of coffee? And then go to work and drink more coffee?

There seems to be no really good time for morning toothbrushing.

When do you brush your teeth in the morning? These things keep me awake at night.

Have a fantastic day!

Short Weekend

Yesterday seemed like Saturday. No fair, sending me back to work today.

I started pressure washing my roof again, I have had to repaint it about every two years. This time I think I’m going to get it tiled with some white outdoor ceramic tile.

I hurt my back this weekend , but after a worrisome day yesterday, I think it’s gonna be ok

Tomorrow is August already.

Have a great month!

No Spending Challenge

Im considering doing a no spending challenge.

Or this one:

My question is: where do I draw the line? For example, i wouldn’t give up scuba diving for this. But I would eat meals from home and (try to) stop restaurant meals.

My objetive would be to stop spending money on trivial unnecessary items. For example, one of the dogs leashes broke this morning. I can either: A buy a new leash or: B: use an older leash that’s still good. Another example would be, not giving up nutritious food for the cheapest food available. But then again, where is the line?

Ive been thinking about this since I first heard about it. It seems pretty cool. What do you think?

Maintaining A High Shortage

According to my Garmin Fitness Tracking, I’m “maintaining a high aerobic shortage”. I need to exercise more, apparently

For the past few weeks, I’ve been swimming at least a half mile almost every day (half the days). I guess I have to pick it up. I also have been exercising and diving and yoga. I’m pretty active each and every day.

Maybe I need to get up earlier and start running before I walk the dogs…

Just kidding. Garmin also says I’m physically fit like a 53 year old, and they know my birth date. .

Have a good day!