I’m up early today, I can’t sleep.

OI Girl went to Cayman Brac for the weekend. This was the weekend we both asked for time off for a Costa Rica charter, but it got canceled. She didn’t want to stay here, after she had her heart set on going somewhere, also she thought it would be a good idea to to take a break from me.
. . .
Yesterday my filling broke again, remember, the big one that I barely dodged the root canal with? I tell you, lately it’s just one thing after another. I’ve always considered myself to be healthy and strong, I am not ready to make a transition to sickness and weakness. Now I have to get my tooth fixed. That’s two days. I have a lot of appointments already to get ready for the surgery. I don’t have time for a toothache. What’s the message I’m supposed to be getting?

Today is a sea swim. A week from now, I’ll be bedridden in the hospital. . .

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  1. Bad things always seems to come in groups. Just take it in stride and soon you’ll be swimming in clear blue water again. Good luck on your operation. Hopefully they’ll give you some feel good pills to make it more tolerable! We’ll be praying for you!