Brane Ded

Last night was one of the worst can’t sleep nights ever. I was up from about 1:30 till almost 5. I was waiting for it to get light, last I remember. Now I’m hurtin’ fer certain.

I made a startling discovery about dreams. If you dream you order food in a restaurant, you will wake up before it arrives. Think about, have you ever eaten in a dream? I’m thinking, and nothing is happening, I’ve only had one small sip of coffee, but I don’t remember ever eating in a dream.

I was in a restaurant, they didn’t have beef, so I ordered a big turkey dinner, which the waiter recommended. Then I woke up.

Do you ever remember eating in a dream?

0 thoughts on “Brane Ded

  1. I think I have eaten while dreaming, only I'm a third person. You know how you can see yourself but are somewhere else looking down. Hard to remember about eating, but I really think I ate something…lol debbie