Candelight showers

When I wake up at 3:30 Am, I use a small flashlight to move around the apartment because the OI Girl is sleeping. I think it’s fun, and I have a little flashlight that I like using. When I go in the bathroom to shower, there is a candle that has been there since hurricane days. I light it and shave and shower with the candle lighted. Then I flashlight back to the bedroom and get dressed. I see the same plane fly almost directly overhead every day at almost exactly 4 AM when I’m walking the dog. It’s very high, and the sound from the plane seems to come from about 45 degrees in the sky off from where I can see the plane. I wonder if, using that information, I can calculate the speed and or altitude of the plane.
The dog is funny. when we get back from our walk, he wants to stay outside, but after a minute or two, if I go ask him, he wants to come back inside. Once in, he makes a beeline for his bed. I think it takes hime afew minute4s to figure out what time it is. Then at 5:45, when I wake up the OI Girl, he comes over to her side of the bed and helps wake her up by licking her elbow.

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