Car Day, For Sure!

This morning when I got up I could hear the sea. I knew there’d be no swimming this morning. I walked to the dock and sure enough, big waves, no ladder. Also thunder and lightning on the horizon. Now, showered and ready for work, it’s totally cloudy.

Ya know, I was thinking, the picture above really does look like an accurate weather map. Hurricane bearing down on Miami. Our friends there are evacuating. My wife is supposed to go to Miami for work and is going to visit them. Wee shall seee.

Have a Happy Thursday!

One thought on “Car Day, For Sure!

  1. my friends Morgen, Eyad, Jim and Kevin are smack dab in it..worried about them..Morgen’s a teacher and his school shut down for 2 days..supposed to clear up by worried about you safe sweetie..

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