Careless & Worthless (C&W)

I am so tired of being ripped off by our phone company. Cable & Wireless, aka Careless & Worthless.
I can’t remember anything they’ve done right the first time. Ever. I switch plans, and it doesn’t happen, I have to go there twice or more. If I move, and need to switch my phone to the new place, it doesn’t happen.
I return an item, the credit doesn’t appear on my bill.
No matter what it is, Careless & Worthless will fail their customer, at the customers expense.
Perfect incompetence.
Zero first time success rate on any task, they need constant pressure and supervision to do it after their deadline. And you better get everyones name you talk to there.
The Cayman Islands used to have the world record for the highest phone rates on the planet. Maybe they still do.
Careless & Worthless, The only game in town.

0 thoughts on “Careless & Worthless (C&W)

  1. At least Careless and Worthless is consistent. LOL Seriously, that would drive me crazy. I know because my gas company is the same way. Last winter I got bills of 0 in december and January 07 was $10.46. (I only have gas heat and gas stove). July my bill was $489. They must have realized that couldn’t be correct because they corrected it before I paid it and sent me a $5 bill a week after the $489 bill. Why these problems? tne idiot meter reader is too lazy to open my fence gate and walk in my back yard, so he guesses and sometimes he guesses way wrong. The $489 bill was probably correct. After getting bills under $20 all fall I just got one for $371. I looked at the meter and that bill is actually correct. Maybe he finally got out of his truck and read my meter.