Cayman Cookout

Yesterday The Wife and I were invited by our Old New Friends, John and Diane, to the Cayman Cookout. It was a lot of fun with lots of food and drink on the beach by famous chefs from around the world. Here’s a pic I took of Anthony Bourdain with my Gloriously Famous Wife, I’ve never heard of Anthony Bourdain.. Sorry Anthony!
(I stole this pic from my wifes Facebook page. I took the pic with her camera and didn’t have a copy.)
Thanks again to John and Diane for generously inviting us to such a wonderful event! It was great to see them. I hope they get the chance to come over to our house this trip.

I’ll say again what I’ve said many times: Facebook is good for finding old friends, Blogger is good for making new ones!

8 thoughts on “Cayman Cookout

  1. Nothing like a grand party on the beach!! We are still frozen at 19 degrees, snow and wind. Good Grief, I just dispise cold weather…debbie

  2. Looks like you had a grand time! I remember watching Anthony B. on tv when I had one. By the way, I changed that word on my post. You know which one. I had to laugh. Thanks for pointing it out!

  3. It is rather cold in NJ today, but we haven't had any snow–yet. Hubby and I went to the beach last weekend. It was very mild–for January in NJ–but not mild enough for a cookout.

  4. That's right, go on, turn us all green with envy, why don't you? (Hmph) That beautiful smile of your wife says it all – perfect location, gorgeous climate, and now, being cooked for by celeb's?? I'm sulking..

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