Cayman Hammerhead Killers

Saturday there was a swordfish fishing contest. Saturday night someone caught an approximately 9 foot long scalloped hammerhead shark. Sunday morning the shark was down at the local beach fish market, getting cut up for sale. My friend drove by and saw it, posted on Facebook that she saw it, and the rage spread like wildfire.
When confronted, the fishermen replied there was no regulation against them taking a hammerhead.
Hammerheads are not food for humans, and have no monetary value.

Why does it take a government regulation for someone to do the right thing? Like releasing a hammerhead. I am sure the fishermen would like a few more regulations, restricting them more. Just like we all love it when we get new laws that seem to stick government noses where they don’t belong, in a seemingly continuous attempt to exert more and more control over their citizens. I’ve always resented it, but these fishermen seem to need a Government regulation to control their every waking moment.

Not a lot is known about a sharks life span, the page I found contains a lot of ‘unknowns’, but it looks to me like a shark like this can live 100- 150 years easily. What right does anyone have to kill a creature that was roaming the seas before they were even born, and probably would have continued to roam after they were gone? It really upsets me. The thought crossed my mind that the Hammerhead these morons killed could have been the same one that I saw while diving.

hammerhead pic taken by me in December 2009

4 thoughts on “Cayman Hammerhead Killers

  1. Not disputing whether they should've let Thor go, but in Trinidad, they eat sharks. Apparently the head and the fins make soup, while the body is filleted (sp?) and used for the very popular local dish, "Shark 'n Bake".Not sure what types of sharks are used though. Maybe they don't use hammerheads, I don't know….

  2. The fishermen dumped the head in the water, which is how an expert determined it was about 9 feet long. I'm sure they sold the fins, but probobably dumped most of the shark.

  3. -it was no where near 9ft.-the fish was hooked deep in the throat.-all of the shark meat was sold, there was no waste-i can't believe you are crying over a fish that was and is dead… there are thousands of hammerheads

  4. To Anonymous:According to an expert judging from the size of the head, it was AT LEAST 9 feet.The fish would have survived had it been released.These are an endangered species. See the article hereSharks are seldom seen in Cayman anymore. Everyone knows it.

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