Cayman Squash

Last night the Wife and I went to the opening of a squash tournament. It was quite good. Squash is a good sport to play and for spectators it is very very entertaining to watch. We had gone to tennis before and tennis is quite annoying, and hard on the neck.
The court was very cool too. Everyone has heard of one-way mirrors, right? Well the court was made out of this special glass, that when you were inside, it was a solid color and outside it was clear! To the spectators, the players were playing in a clear glass cube while the players inside seemed to be alone in the squash court, letting them focus on the game without distraction.
There are are about 17 of the top 20 players in the world here for this event. It goes on all weekend, and I wouldn’t mind going back, but my Mom and Sister arrive today for a visit.

Here is a QIK video of the squash last night. (About 6 minutes long.) I’ve told you about QIK before, I think you should get it. It is way cool.

5 thoughts on “Cayman Squash

  1. When i had my first "pong" game in the 70's, i always used to put it on the "squash" variant..does that count?

  2. I like tennis! I also like squash. Unfortunately, my knees hate both games like a dose of poison! Isn't it sad when your different body parts start to work against you! (*sigh*) Its as Yeats said: "Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;"

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