Chainsaw day or boot discussion

I’m up, getting all coffeed and ready to go in a while to the Mastic Trail. I am going to help clear some trees that fell. I have on boots and long pants. I am used to shorts and flip flops. Not that I’m complaining. I’m taking these boots and long pants to Costa Rica in a couple of weeks. OI girl and I are going. I’m going for two weeks and she’s going for three.
I think I need new boots. Mine are pretty worn out. I’ve had them for years and they are on their second soles. They’re not that comfortable, but it may be because I seldom wear them. I think I’d like some of the new, tennis shoe type of boots. Mine are the old school, hard leather.
Hopefully I’ll be done by around noon, I’m going to the beach. the wind turned around last night and that means no diving today.
Also I have $2 bet on the Seattle Seahawks (American football) team, but I doubt I’ll be watching.

0 thoughts on “Chainsaw day or boot discussion

  1. $2 on the SEAHAWKS??!? HA! Costa Rica sounds wonderful. And I would imagine you should get some new boots and get them broken in now!! 2 WEEKS??!? Great vacation!!

  2. Good luck with your team. I wish I wasn’t watching. Well actually I’m not, but it’s hard not to hear it since it is SO LOUD!Costa Rica sounds fun. Is it business or pleasure (or both)?

  3. Costa friggin’ Rica? you don’t need to go anywhere like that. You LIVE somewhere like that. I need to. Can I go with the OI girl?

  4. Costa Freekin Rica is right. I’ve been there before, it’s a place I wanted to go to again. This will be better.Renee- The answer is… NO! (Sorry)Daisy, No Business! just for fun!