Check Out This Asshole

An accident waiting to happen.

I was riding back to work after my beach lunch when I saw this hot dog motorcycle rider. (Red shirt, on the right. Then he passes me a few seconds later)

He seemed to be barely in control, and after he passes me, he turns around, as if to see if I was impressed. I wasn’t.

I was trying to decide, if he crashed right in front of me, if I’d stop and hellp, or ride on by. No obligation on my part to help him or let him make me late for work, but it woulda made interesting video.

Luckily, (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it) he didn’t crash. Not that I saw, anyway.

Things like this are not uncommon in Cayman, at least this one was wearing a helmet. Most of the hot dogs like him aren’t.

If he woulda wrecked into me, I’da been mighty angry.

Happy Tuesday!

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