This weekend we are supposed to go to Little Cayman for a wedding.
The lady who was supposed to watch the dogs backed out. She’s the lady who saw Ditto when he was loose and saw him eat the chicken. (See two posts down)
The wife wants to put both dogs in a kennel for the weekend. I don’t think Ditto can handle a kennel. He will be wildman all weekend, trying to bite everybody. He won’t understand. He is a widman even at the vets office if I’m not there. The way Ditto views the world is that I am in charge, if I’m (or the wife) is not there, he’s the boss and he’s not taking orders from anybody.

The options are, not go, or kennel them and hope for the best.

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  1. Depends just how much you want to go to the wedding mate.If it was me I'd do the kennel thing… but warn them about Ditto's behaviour. I am sure they have had to handle dogs like him before.You might be pleasantly surprised and find he is a good dog.