Chopping My Head Off, One Slice At A Time

Above is my shaving rig.

My Grandpa used a soap brush and because he did, so do I. I have for a very very very long time now. I use any bar soap, and it makes super good lather. I cut the bar soap with a knife to make it fit in the cup.

The soap cup, I begged from a coffee shop because I could tell, it was the perfect aluminimum soap cup. It used to have packets of sugar and artificial sweetners in it. This way way back in the 1990’s.

The stand that holds everything, I got on our relatively recent trip to Italy. The stand came with its own soap cup, which was inferior and cast aside. It’s floatng around the house here somewhere.

The safety razor. I just got it a few weeks ago, at a beauty supply store here in Cayman. (I was looking for a professional toenail tool, if you’re wondering what a he-man like me was doing inside a beauty supply store). The razor has no sentimental value and is cheap, but seems to hold the double edged razor blade ok. I asked my wife, (who’s in Scotland now), if she saw one, to pick one up for me. It would be cool to have a Scottish safety razor. Every day, I nick myself. Usually in the same spot(s) as yesterday. My chin, behind my right ear, and on the left side of my head. It is a poor musician who blames his instrument, but dang! I don’t blame the “razor holder”, they’re inherently more dangerous than disposables. Hopefully with practice, I’ll get the hang of it.

If I don’t slice my whole head off before then!

Have a great day!

Yours truly,