Christmas Lites and A Company Car

Last night The Wife and I went to a party by the pool at a fellow Rebreather Divers house in South Sound. It was very nice. There was lasagna and I ate three huge pieces. Then on the way home we stopped and I took a phonecam video of someones yard with their excessive Christmas Lights. This is from the street, the lights went almost all the way around the house, and you could go in and walk around. We didn’t go in because I had to pee… The Wife wants to go back.

Yesterday morning I had the windows done in my wifes old car, which is going to be my new company car. I think it came out very well. Now I just need some business! (I don’t have the website up yet as I am having problems with the domain administrator or the internet provider, not sure which yet!)

0 thoughts on “Christmas Lites and A Company Car

  1. Interesting! Good luck with the business startup. I need to do something like that too… we have to chase cash hard nowadays, because it is as scarce as the blasted blue iguanas!