Christmas Morning

I’ve been thinking about those floor plans on my previous post. I was at my friends condo, it is huge. All the rooms are gigantic and there are three floors. It is amazing how much room is in there. When I told him my plans were 2600 square feet, he said that was larger than the condo. Maybe I’ll have the plans re-done to be smaller.
Well, it’s Christmas Morning. I got up to do my studying and sneak out the presents I got for the OI girl. I can’t study.
I’m scared that the things I got for her aren’t good enough, that she’ll secretly be disappointed.
I’m scared I’ve forgotton someone, or someone will stop by who has a present for me and I don’t have a present for them.
I’m trying to have a better attitude but I just can’t seem to.
Bah Humbug.
I’m Jewish. I grew up mostly in a little town in Missouri where I was the only Jewish kid in the school system. (My sister is 5 years younger than me, the only time we were in the same school was her first year and my fifth. I had a brother who was 7 years younger.)
I took a lot of crap from other kids and felt like an outsider. (Hey Jew-Boy!) Sometimes even my “friends” would turn on me. I hated being forced to sing Christmas Carols in school, (even the administration was an enemy). I still can’t stand those mindless jingles to this day.
My family celebrated both Christmas and Hannukah because my Mom wasn’t Jewish.
The nearest synagogue was an hours drive away. We drove there for Sunday school (killing a day of my precious weekends, and further separating me from my friends from school). All the kids from the synagogue knew each other and hung out together and I felt like I was an outsider there too. If it was a Jewish holiday, it was on a Saturday, and I’d lose the whole weekend.
Jews tell me I’m not a Jew, which makes me insanely angry. And I definitely will never be a Christian. Where I work, we broadcast a lot of church services, and I always hear the pastor telling the congregation lies like: “when Moses parted the Red Sea, and they were safely across, they stopped and prayed and said “Thank you Jesus”.
What shit.
I think the most sensible religion on this planet is Buddhism.

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  1. So sorry that the holidays were difficult. We would all be better off if we didn’t have to go through all of the nonsense everyone else puts us through. I think it’s important to be good to others all year long, not just at Christmas.Take care and enjoy the ones you love. You don’t know how long you’ll have them.

  2. I am sorry about your reasons for anger. We shouldn’t say anyone has to be anything or believe anything. Why can’t we just be accepted for who we are and what we believe? Let’s all get a life and get over our prejudices?Happy Holidays.

  3. Hey that’s why I like Festivus…fot the restuvus. A holiday that fits everyone in one way or another.I do agree with you on the Budda thing though…