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I took a lot of pictures in Costa Rica. These are just a few.



A not-uncommon sign

Manta ray at Catalinas Islands

White Tip Shark pic taken at Catalinas Islands

View from OI Girls Aunts, Atop a 900 foot cliff to the Pacific.

A repaired bridge we crossed (it was worse at the other end)

Preferred mode of transportation in Ario

Boats at low tide at Ario

A guy jumping from a cliff at the waterfalls at Montezuma

This was a GOOD road! (really, there are a lot of good paved roads)

Carrots at the Agriculture Sale

Veggies (Agriculture Fair/Sale)

Papaya (Agriculture Fair/Sale)

Bananas (Agriculture Fair/Sale)

A Toucan

The lights of Alajuela and San Jose near sunrise from OI girls Parents house

A flower

Another Flower

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  1. It looks like you have a wonderful time :o) Beautiful amazing pictures!! What camera do you use?In the hummingbird photo, what are the objects the bird is hovering next to?

  2. I had two cameras, a Nikon D-100 and a Canon SD 550 in an underwater housing.The hummingbird is drinking from an artificial flower, filled with is what I think is basically sugar water.

  3. Okay, scary shark! Whew! I’d pee myself if I ran into that underwater. Heh.That last flower is quite incredible. I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s very exotic. I’m glad you had a good vacation. You definitely needed the time off.

  4. Those are awesome. Time to get yourself back up on Flickr! ;)I agree on that last flower, it almost looked like some kind of funky huge insect! Or a plant that might eat you! 🙂