Coffee Consistency

I’ve been having problems with Coffee Consistency. I measure the coffee, and the water, and get wildly differing results. Yesterday, I made a pot, it was perfect, We drank it all, and I made another, exactly the same way, and it was terrible.
When my Wife makes it, it is perfect every time.
I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong….

0 thoughts on “Coffee Consistency

  1. It's because men don't know how to make coffee. Just kidding, I can't make it, either, but I don't mind, since I don't drink it. 🙂

  2. May I suggest that Sunshine make the coffee you your fine abode. That would cure your coffee stress! Merry Christmas Mark!!! ho ho ho!! Enjoyed your cooper pooper remarks, your so funny!!…debbie

  3. As I never drink coffee I can offer no advice!Diet coke is all I drink and it comes out of the bottle PERFECT every time ha ha ha!