Coffee shortage

I meant to buy coffee this morning for my work coffee pot. I went to the store and forgot the coffee.

I’m going to survive though, I may have to go out for some.

The new do was pretty good last night. Except for eating my orchids and a couple more potted plants. And getting in the garbage. She wants attention, and attention she got. I played a little reverse psychology on her. She was hounding me, constantly wanting me to pet her. Finally I did, and when she got up to wander away, I called her back, layed her down and petted her some more. She got pretty relaxed under my chair. Also, after dinner I took away the water. This morning, no pee on the floor!
Also last night I gave her a bath with the hose outside, and she loved it! I mean she loved it. I can’t wait to take her to the beach, I can tell she’s a swimmer. Also, I think she’s beginning to grasp the concept of toys vs non toys.

This morning I overslept. Like 25 minutes extra. I hit the snooze once and I was out. I was sleeping hard, while the radio played.

At least the new dog lets up sleep.

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