Cold Cayman Morning

Cold and windy this morning. I wore a hoodie on my morning dawg walk. Below is a selfie, camera sitting on the bumper of an abandoned car. Me and my two dogs, on the street, tryin’ to survive the depths of winter. Bundled up in a vain attempt to prevent the howling arctic wind from cutting to the bone and freezing to the core..

Brutal, I tell ya!

I didn’t run this morning, just a walk. I let the dogs lead. Usually I keep them “heeled” in rigid military fashon but it was too hard to get up this morning to engage is such foolishness. Plus, we were mainly trying to survive the cold. Below is proof, but I seriousy disagree with the “feels like” reading, you got a big wind chill factor goin’ on this morning.

The weekend is almost here. Hang in there baby!

3 thoughts on “Cold Cayman Morning

  1. This reminds me of stories I heard from friends that were in Vietnam. It would be 120 during the day and drop down to 80 at night. They would wear their winter coats because 80 felt cold.

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