Cool Dream

I had a dream about a prisoner in a cell, outside the cell door were so many boxes that you couldn’t walk without picking up a box, putting it behind you, and moving the next box. Everyone had forgotten the prisoner was there, and his cell was in the back of a storeroom. I cleaned up all the boxes and later let him out,/but something I can’t remember, he didn’t want to go…

I put my bicycle in the shop for a tune up, got it back yesterday in a million pieces. Totalled. I have to buy a new bike if I want to ride. They couldn’t get the crank out of the frame (where the pedals go in).

Went to the doctor yesterday for my cough/congestion. $270 for 5 minutes! My 20% deductable was $55! Then he gave me a prescription for three pills. That’s why I don’t go to doctors, I can’t even afford the deductable.

Happy Wednesday!!