Cool Dream

Last night I had a cool dream, I think it was a repeat dream. 
I was on the bridge of a ship, heading into a harbor. I was standing right next to the Captain/Helmsman. We were cruising in at a high rate of speed and there were other ships and boats anchored in the harbor. 
Large Cruise Ship Closer & Smaller Cargo Ship Further Away Creates Interesting Perspective
I was beginning to think we couldn’t slow down in time, when suddenly the helmsman turned the wheel and the ship suddenly turned sideways and stopped, then instantly pointed back in the original direction again. Kind of like when a skier turns his skis sideways to stop.
It was a very cool and very enjoyable dream. Makes me wish I could go back in time to my Navy days.

I have been thinking that I am getting tired of blogging. Google Chrome and the new blogger interface make it much less enjoyable. It seems to me that Facebook, Blogger and Internet Browsers in general are getting worse and worse with each update. It’s very annoying and frustrating. 

Lately I’ve been concerned about my attitude for a lot of aspects of my life getting worse. I think I need a checkup from the neck up!

5 thoughts on “Cool Dream

  1. I could never stop on skis. Or skates for that matter. Just kind of always gradually slowed down until I could safely hit a wall.I feel ya on the browser updates. I kept declining to "upgrade" to the new Firefox, then finally a day or two ago they just updated me without asking apparently.

  2. So called, "newer and better" is often not newer and better. I got google chrome when I didn't want it. Sigh. Life these days can get a person's attitude unhappy. The Bible tells us as mankind gets worse, so will everything else. That's why we need God. I like everything to go well all the time in my life and have to remember that nothing happens for no reason. Some people may call God a "crutch" but, I'm glad He's in my life. Makes all the difference.

  3. Great dream! As for blogging (and facebook, etc.), if it isn't giving you enjoyment, what is the point? I think you are right about needing the check up, we all need that at one time or another, it's just a matter of deciding what to do about it. If you need to take a break, take it! I'm not sure what is the deal with your updates – but until blogging is a good respite, there's nothing wrong with coming back to it when it's fun again. I know one woman who does a daily blog, very well received, who takes a break every weekend and sometimes in between. In fact, she takes an 'electronic holiday' completely, no internet, no cell phone except for the phone part and sometimes not even that. Maybe that's what you need?

  4. I'm feeling that same sort of down myself. It's not a bad idea to talk to someone. As for blogging, you do it because it's an enjoyable activity. You learn something? You make a new friend? you laugh when you needed to. Take a break on come back in your own time, when you are ready. There are days when I can't focus my mind on anything, much less try to come up with a topic for a blog post. It's then that I usually come up with a great joke or a pic. But I feel you. It's all a little much some days, isn't it?

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