Covoid Quitter

I ran out of cigars Saturday night, on purpose. I could have gotten more, I’m sure, but I didn’t try.

I decided to take advantage of this covid quarrantine and imagine what it would be like if cigars were unavailable. I didn’t really want to quit, and don’t think they’re doing any damage to me, (except what I least liked was the staining of the teeth.) It just seemed like a good time.

So far, it’s not so bad. I thought I’d be going crazy. I’m an addict, I practically chain smoked cigars, about 4 or 5 a day. That being said, it irked me when I’d light up a cigar and realize that I didn’t really feel like smoking, but my hands were on auto pilot.

Sometimes they’d taste so bad, brushing my teeth didn’t help, but sometimes they’d tate so good, I never wanted to brush my teeth again.

If I coul moderate, I probably would continue, but since I can’t, total abstinance is the option. Besides, I can use the money.

It’s been almost 36 hours, Ihaven’t mentioned it to the wife, wonder if she’ll ever notice?

Happy Monday, have a good week!

4 thoughts on “Covoid Quitter

  1. I had a story all typed out about a friend nearly dying from smoking cigars as much as you do and it disappeared. Oh well.

    • She noticed after about a week, we had dinner outside and after we ate, we were just talking and she noticed.

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