crabby and bitchy about my wonderful life

crabby and bitchy about my wonderful lifeIt’s Thursday, almost made it to the weekend. I feel eager for weekends to arrive, but I wonder why. My weekdays aren’t too bad. Someone once said “don’t wish your life away” Nonetheless, I like Saturdays and Sundays because the alarm doesn’t go off, not that I sleep too late.

The things that I find most annoying about my morning routine:

Shaving, Damn, I just did this yesterday.

I don’t dislike walking the dogs, but they seem to purposely waste my time. For example, they’ll run to the same grassy spot every day, both bury their noses in and stay there till I drag them away. Then Sheba will stand and stare up the road while Ditto takes care of business. Then, when it’s time to come back in, Sheba’s like “Wait! Wait!, I didn’t go yet!” Then she wants to go back over where that sweet smelling grass was. All I want to do is get back upstairs and start my first cuppa coffee.

Last night was not a good night for sleeping. There were cats in heat, yowling like ghosts. They started after we went to bed, I was asleep, incorporating them in my dream. The Wife sprayed water at them from the porch with the hose. Then they started up again before dawn, and I tried to shoot at them with my slingshot, but they were gone by the time I got out there. (I think there’s two cats in heat) Then Ditto started chewing bubble gum. Know what that means? When a dawg licks himself loud and it sounds like someone chewing bubble gum with their mouth open. I threw my shoe at him.

So here I am , crabby and bitchy about my wonderful life.And I didn’t even mention the bank, screwing up my checkbook and consuming TWO of my valuable beach lunch hours. Didn’t even mention it.

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  1. I’m at home today, trying to get caught up on some writing (but apparently surfing blogs instead). Anyway, I didn’t have to shave today. So there’s that. Happy Friday Eve.

  2. Hmmm, sounds like a fun day. Good thing you didn’t tell us about the bank one. We’d have never known. If only I could say, “the bank will make good and give you a bonus back”. And yeowl! I know what it’s like to not sleep with cats in heat. Just think, it won’t last forever. Tell Ditto to just go slide outside on the grass on his backside and he’ll be nice and clean so he doesn’t have to chew bubble gum. May your next day be more refreshing.

  3. Well…. what a shitty way to start the day!
    I would shoot the cats. Nah, not really… but I would like to!
    I’m so not a cat person.
    As for the dogs, ours don’t have to be taken for walks at all…. and they do their ‘business’ out the back. Stew picks up the ‘business’ , so I have nothing to be shitty about! lol

    OH.. and I don’t have to shave either! SCORE.

  4. I can so relate to this post. I have my days where I just can’t figure out what is going on and Boom! My day goes to pot just like that. Here is hoping your weekend helps you do a 180.

  5. I’m with Yellowdog Granny! LOL! You go swimming at lunchtime? Thats pretty cool, except, where do you go, how long do you get to stay for, do you have to stay salty and sticky till work ends? And what about actually eating lunch? How do you find the time?

    • I go to a beach with a shower. I get 12 minutes to get there and 20 minutes to shower, change and get back to work. That leaves approximately 28 minutes. I eat when I can.

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