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Yesterday I went diving then to the beach. It was what I call a good day. It could have been a GREAT day if it was sunnier.
On the dive, we tied the boat to the wrong buoy and had a long underwater swim to the wall, then it was hard to find the boat after the dive. Pretty funny.
While I was on the beach, the air was so still and the water was so flat calm that I could hear the people talking on a sailboat that was maybe a half a mile out.

Just in case you’ve been worrying, at the beach, this little lizard was keeping an eye on me. I’m pretty sure he’s a fully qualified lifeguard and medical first aid technician. He’s a curleytail about 3 inches long.

Today at work I’m hoping for a quiet week. I haven’t had a quiet week in months. Hoping for a quiet week one day at a time. Just give me a quiet day today. I’ll worry about tomorrow later.

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