Cute Kitty Pics

Above are a couple of pictures of our cat, Ashy. Because I have nothing else in mind to post.

It was a very nice weekend. Saturday, went shopping with the wife, bought two doors for the front of our house. And had lunch.

Sunday, installed one of the two doors, and that door is so nice! It actually works perfectly! The old door never worked, you had to bump the holy hell out of it with your butt, really hard, to get it open, and you had to slam the holy hell out of it (several times sometimes), to get it to close. Next weekend, God willing and the creek don’t rise, we’ll put the other door on.

Good news in the news, they got five (so far) of the boys soccer team out of the Thailand cave. And the FIFA head honcho has invited them to go to the World Cup Final. Read it here. I hope they get all 12 of them and the coach, out OK. And I certainly hope hope the coach doesn’t get in trouble for taking them in there in the first place, which I rekkon he might, once everybody’s out and has time to start thinking about it. The coach is in his ’20s and is still a boy too, in my book.

Today is the sixth week since the day I got my boot-cast on my broken foot. put on, and if I didn’t get it off early, today’s the day I would have gotten it off. Today is the first day I’m wearing my regular shoes, instead of my boots.

And that’s about all I have for today, have a fantastic week!

5 thoughts on “Cute Kitty Pics

    • My wife always said that she wanted a grey cat named Ashy, then Ashy came to her as a stray at the Ritz.

  1. Ashy is gorgeous Mark, a real glamour puss! So good to hear even more of the boys are out now. Although the young coach shouldn’t have taken them in by himself he did a great job of looking after them, let’s hope people remember that!

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