Mosquitoes like my computer

Last night, when it got a little darker in the evening and the computer screen got relatively brighter, I saw a lot of mosquitoes buzzing around backlit between me and the screen. I thought “Dang! This house is full of mosquitoes!” Then I went outside and I thought “Dang! There’s more mosquitoes in the house than there are out here!”

I finished my evening, thought “Dang! I’m tired!” So went to bed, and slept all night with no more thoughts of the nasty mozzies.

This morning I got up, took care of my mornin business, got my coffee and sat down in front of the computer to post another amazingly boring post, and I immediately noticed many mosquitoes. I though “Dang! They’re only here! The mosquitoes like my computer!”

Why do the mosquitoes like my computer???

By the way, I sure am glad it’s Friday! Daaaang! this has been a long week!


3 thoughts on “Daaang!

  1. lots of insects are attracted to the UV spectrum of light – thats why LED lights that are warmer (less blue and therefore closer to the UV wavelength) in nature attract very few bugs. Dang , thats your tip for the day.

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