Damn Dam

I’ve been following on the news about the Orosville dam problem. imagine if the spillway had failed within the first hour, as initially predicted? Almost 200,000 people have beev evacuated.

From what I gather, the main spillway is in the picture above, the auxilary spillway is the dirt part to the left of that.  And it’s all washing away.

Here’s a pic of flooded city called Riverbend Park, below the dam. If the spillway had failed as expected, this would have been hit by a 30 meter wall of water.

And more rain is expected.

Good luck to everybody there!

3 thoughts on “Damn Dam

  1. We are watching the progress here, too. Supposedly, the water level is falling so it’s not quite so bad, but there is more rain expected. I can’t imagine they are letting people go back in to get clothing, etc., though. Wow. We are also praying for the safety of everyone out there.

  2. That certainly is a bit scary! I haven’t heard any more about it on the news in the past few days, so maybe things have settled down?

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