Dawg With a Reputation

Last week, my Dog Ditto’s leash broke and he escaped for about an hour.
He was flying around the neighborhood, running at full speed, chasing chickens.
When he got tired, he came home, muddy, bloody, scratched up, missing a toenail, and bleeding from another.

Over the weekend, a neighbor gave my wife this report:

“He’s really fast, and I saw him eat a whole chicken. I was afraid to approach him, because he was eating the chicken, but he really knows what he’s doing, not every dog can eat a chicken like that.”

Once, back in the days I let him free on the beach, I saw him eat a chicken. He disappeared then reappeared down the beach a ways, chicken in jaws. I ran over to get it away from him, but by the time I got there, he had eaten the whole chicken. All that was left was feathers and one red, bloody organ that I thought was a kidney or liver. It looked like a bloody golf ball. Freakin surgical. I wasn’t down the beach too far either, a couple hundred meters.

He really knows how to woof em down!

0 thoughts on “Dawg With a Reputation

  1. Do you know how to eat a chicken? I think your dog is putting you to shame.Your neighbour's comment "he really knows what he's doing, not every dog can eat a chicken like that" – that's kinda scary.