Day Before Friday

I’m glad Friday is tomorrow., I just want to get to the weekend. No reason I’m so eager, that I know of. I’m just ready.

Above are some pictures of yesterdays trip. I skipped the boring work ones.

Today Ditto the dawg goes to the vet.

3 thoughts on “Day Before Friday

  1. My laptops are always on a desk or table, never on fabric or the carpet.
    I had a small one, like a notebook.. and it started making a horrid noise, then kinda went ‘BANG’ and smoke started coming out the sides!!!
    The one I’m using right now is a bigger laptop… and it overheats all the time! I have a fan blowing on it just to keep it cool… but it still dies at least 6 times a day! It gives this nasty electrical sound then ‘BOOM’ dead. I have to let it cool down before it will go again.
    Oh and it’s battery cooked itself… can’t use it now.. use the power cord to make it go now.

    I have no idea why my laptops die! Some salesman suggested I run too many programmes on it at the same time… and the computer can’t handle it.

    I will be getting an all-in-one.. I hope it does not give me any grief… or I might just smash it with a sledge hammer! I am so ready to do that to my laptop right now!

    It’s neat to see photos of your island… it looks so lovely.

  2. Your in laws house has an interesting layout. So! Travelin’ Tim really does travel!! And all this time, I thought he was just trying to bamboozle me into trips I can’t afford.

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