Death Of Detective Richard Poole

Detective Richard Pool was tragically and violently murdered on Netflix last night on the fictional island of Saint Marie in the Caribbean. He was at a 25 year reunion with several classmates.

This Death In Paradise occured in Season 3, Episode 1. I am greatly saddened by Detective Poole’s demise, and he shall be sorely be missed.

I really like the show, Death In Paradise. Ben Miller played a great role. I loved his character. I hope the show stays good without him. Hope to see more of Ben Miller in the future.

That being said, I am pleased Inspector Poole’s replacement, Kris Marshall. (Colin from “Love Actually“). He can fill the role, but the show won’t be the same.

I know that all this all happened years ago, (2011?) but my wife and I are just now watching the series. If you haven’t seen it, I give it the “worth watching” vote. It’s a who-dunnit mystery, each episode, with plenty of humor and great scenery. Reminds me of Cayman, when I first moved here, now, Seven Mile Beach reminds me of Miami…

It’s quite breezy and cool this morning. I woke up kinda irritated feeling this morning, no reason.

My coffee this morning is durn good! Lately, I’ve been striving for perfection… Normally, I just slap it together, coffee and water, and get too strong, or too weak, or “in the ballpark” coffee, but these last few days, it’s been precision measurments and adjustments, aiming for deliciousness. Today, is a tinge weak, but still, durn good.

Have a great day! And perfect coffee!

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  1. We enjoyed the show very much when it was first screened and still enjoy the repeats. Did you note one of the police was Cat in the tv show Red Dwarf.

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