Decisions decisions

Did you ever reach a point in your life where you had to make a decision that you knew would determine the course of your life forever? For example, someone just graduating High School choosing to go to college or join the military. Or someone who is getting married but just isn’t quite sure if it’s the right thing to do.

Around 1980, there was a plane crash at O’hare Airport. I was in the Navy, IF I hadn’t gotten busted for pot, and IF I hadn’t been planning on going to the east coast of the US instead of the west coast, I would have been on that plane. The reality is, I wasn’t even close to being on board, but when it went down, I thought, “I could have been on that plane”. I was only two “IF’s” away, how far is that? People on that plane were going to the school I was going to.

I wonder what would have happened if I had married that girl instead of breaking up. What if I had gone to college instead of the military? Would I have wrecked my car if I wasn’t drunk? What if I had chosen the red shirt instead of the blue one?

What if, instead of making a desision, we could split ourselves off into clones and do both? And see the results? “there’s the other me, married with 50 kids” There’s me again, in jail for robbing the bank! “I wish that other me had folded that parachute better, he’s dead!, glad it’s the me me who chose not to skydive!”

I wish I was that me instead of me me! Whoa! I’m glad I’m not THAT me!!

Every decision, no matter how small, doesn’t always radically change our course in life, but every teeny decision can and sometimes they do.

What if we could see the results of our decisions more clearly before we make them, would we have chosen the same path we chose? I would, for the most part, because I’m afraid that if everything in my life didn’t happen the way it did, then I might not be me. But still,
what if. . . . . .

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  1. Too much thinking so early on a Monday morning for me. I think like that far too often these days. So many what if’s. I’ve often wondered what would have happened if I took that other path and continued in the relationship with Hans instead of going out with Greg. Would I be living on the water now and boating every weekend, holidays in Sweden to meet his family? I try not to think about it too much. Love has a mind of its own and I folowed the road I was meant to follow.

  2. Very existential thoughts for today. I like to think about stuff like this, even though I don’t think I’ve ever had real monumental decisions in my life like the plane crash scenario you had. Rent the movie Sliding Doors-Gwenyth Paltrow…that’s what the movie is about.

  3. there was a time in my life that i spent to much time thinking about the what Ifs, and I decided once to try my best not to ask as many questions on the decisions I took, although it ain’t easy to look always in front.I’ve kind of came to realise that our life as a goal seat for the end (destiny i guess) but that to get to that last step we have to make many decisions and so pass through many diferent doors till we get there, and I think some how like you said, it is these doors we choose that make the person we really are.there ain’t I guess a wrong or a right door. most important, choose the one that is more us. more Me.but i’m still young and so i probable know nothing :Preally liked this post of yours:)

  4. Its a great post Mark,i wonder at tyms too wut lyf wud be w/o my beloved gf by my side…N my life has turned upside down with one or two decisions tat i had taken,but tell me…Wut else is life but a gamble Leon

  5. Nice post Mark. I think we all have these thoughts from time to time, but my conclusion is similar to yours: It is my life experiences that have made me who I am. I wouldn’t change that.

  6. Hey Mark, this is a great post. I think you wrote it out very well too. This kind of thing can be difficult to put in words. I’ve done the what if’s too and just feel that I am where I need to be in life. Like it or not. I’m with Lita on the bounce back email thing too. Any idea what that is about? cklvpacj