Dentist today

Today I have a dental appointment. He’s supposed to fix a “temporary filling” I got when a tooth broke two weeks after my regular checkup, and fix another that is so close to the other tooth I can’t get floss through.
I’m kind of disgruntled because I’ve been going to the dentist every 6 months all my life and I know a good dentist from a bad one. This dental clinic has never found any problem that I haven’t complained about. If I don’t get it sorted soon, I’m going to go out in town and pay for my own dentist. (I’ve been going to my work-pays-for-it dentist)
I’m not in a great mood. I’m tired of work, tired of crap from all directions and tired of everything. Also its been rainy and cloudy for several days, I’m tired of that too.

0 thoughts on “Dentist today

  1. I hate dentist. Yuk! I had a dental appt today too, but mine was for a routine cleaning. And wouldn’t you know I forgot about it and missed it. Oh well. I see word verification is back on. Did you get slammed by spammers? Death to spammers!

  2. Hey Mark-I just went through a nasty root canal so I’m with you. The reality is that we’re lucky to have teeth at all.I go to the dentist on a regular basis (maybe that’s my problem)and try to keep my teeth in standing order. A friend of mine (Smith) hasn’t seen a dentist since 1983 and went a few weeks ago for a checkup…you ready for this?No cavities! Go figure.I hate the bastard. (not really, I’m just jealous)Take care of what you have, it’s all you can do. Hope things begin looking up soon.later on,~michaelm