Did it again

I did it again, last night I was so tired, I was falling asleep. I COULDN’T stay awake. I went to bed about 9PM and woke up at One-Eleven (1:11) I was up till 4:30ish. Now, again, I am brain damaged and drinking coffee to restore my brain.

Also, For THEE Record, You are hereby notified that I invented a new word:

When people ignore your blog and you get few or NO comments.

Now the serious stuff: Where were all my blogger friends yesterday? When I was suffering* in the pits of despair* over my beloved* stapler? No one was there for me. Only Happy Days gave me some sympathy and encouragement. (Thank You Happy Days you SAVED* me!)
All day* yesterday, in my woe*, I was checking my blog for comments every thirty* seconds*.. Then after a barren* day of being blognored, I began to feel abandoned* and rejected*, in addition to my impossible* burden* of limitless* grief *
“Oh yeah”, I thought, “Something good or funny or even cute I am Mr Popular* surrounded by friends and may pull in a whopping* three or four ZILLION* comments. But let there be a disastrous* incident* like my size of staples being discontinued, I am suddenly alone*, adrift* on an ocean* of rejection* and isolation*.”

Then I thought that maybe this tragedy* was too much for people to handle. You, my Dear Incessant Reader, come here and are used to a blog that is Rated G,You come one day and suddenly find it to be a Heavy*, Deep* Obscene* “R” Rating*…And maybe it was too much for most to handle. So I apologize, and will try to give better warning in the future if the content may be overwhelming for most, like yesterdays certainly was.

* Portions marked above with * were probably exaggerated dramatically to dramatically increase the dramatic emphasis.

0 thoughts on “Did it again

  1. LOL i love your spud friend. sorry about yesterday. i couldnt type cause i was crying over your loss. very sad to lose a close friend and stapler. been trying to think where you may be able to get more staples. have you emailed the company about your need for staples for your beloved friend. maybe they have a few cases that are saved just fOr this very reason. craiglist or ebay some where in this universe there has to be another box of staples.

  2. Once again I would like to send my condolences for the loss of your beloved Stapler, in times like these is when we need to focus on all the great times and all the togetherness "she" brought to your documents…Hope you are getting over it at this point, love u!

  3. I am very sorry about the loss of your beloved stapler, very sorry about my lack of commentary yesterday, and simultaneously enjoying today's post very much! Thanks Mark!

  4. Blognored! a new word I believe!You poor bugger! I WOULD have commented if I'd been reading blogs yesterday, but I do have a day off sometimes!!! I will try hard not to miss another one, but I probably will. lol

  5. There is no where on your Blog to join. I've got your Blog in my "Favorites"…I'd join, but I can't….get on the stick Mark, make yourself accessible!!…debbie