Didn’t Post Yesterday

Yesterday I didn’t post, I sat right here where I’m sitting now, and let the opportunity pass.

Now it’s Friday, and today, the wife goes to Costa Rica for two weeks. I’m planning on painting part of house while she’s gone. She doesn’t know. She wants to make it a different color, but I’m going to use the same color and just paint the bad patches. We can still repaint later if she wants to change the color. The whole house doesn’t need to be painted, it just has bad spots where the water flows off the porch. I got a bunch of paint cards from the hardware store and have matched the color pretty well, the faded color of the old paint. In the picture below, you can see the gray where the water has flowed off the porch.

I’m glad it’s Friday, hopefully, it will be an easy day at work. Usually, that’s the day the boss wants to start new stuff.

Have a great weekend! Hope it doesn’t rain!

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