I came here a half hour ago to post. I’ve been looking at Facebook and drinking coffee. All I hear are complaints about how messed up Facebook is getting. You hear me complain about Blogger. Is it human nature, to always notice the flaws in things? I remember hearing a psychology used in Israeli prisons. The prisoners are complaining they want new chairs, so the prison takes away their mattresses. In a few days, they give the mattresses back and nobody complains about the chairs anymore. To me, something seems fundamentally wrong with society. Something subtle, easy to fix, but nobody knows what it is….

People complain about things, and when somebody changes it, they complain about the change and reminisce about how good it was before the idiots screwed it up. I’m guilty too.

To answer yesterdays questions, it looks like I can move the dish to AMC 1, a different satellite. But I need a new LNB, the part that receives the signal from the reflector of the dish. But, the greater minds are hashing it out now, about how to resolve the problem.

AMC 1 Footprint

4 thoughts on “Distracted

  1. Well, here is a legitimate complaint for you. I have been one sorry ass blogger and am now striving to catch up with you.That said, People complain because they want things their way. And change is a big no-no.I complain more from the technical side, where they try to invoke a nifty technical idea and then fuck it up beyond all recognition.Yeah, I know…what do I want for free right?

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