Doesn’t Happen To Normal People

I recieved a spare wireless charger cradle for my watch. Naturally, it doesn’t work. Below are photos from my one star, Amazon review.

I have bad luck with things ordered from Amazon. Without even thinking hard, I recal two bad camera gimballs, umteen bad wireless keyboards for my old Samsung S3 tablet, bad melatonin, this charger, and books on my first ever Amazon order.

Anyway, no harm, no foul. I’m out $15 plus probably $20 duty and handling fees.

We have a good good good chance of some rain coming in these next few days, as depicted in the image above. Which is fine by me. Although I sometimes gripe a lot, inside I feel peaceeful and calm.

Have a peacful, calm day!

2 thoughts on “Doesn’t Happen To Normal People

  1. Anymore I make sure anything I buy from Amazon is actually coming from them and not a third party. I’ve been burned by a few third party items that, as you say, aren’t worth the effort to return.

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